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Fantasia critique

Publié le par Scal

Une critique sympa sur Quenottes suite à la sélection au Festival Fantasia de Montréal:


There is some intricate planning for how these short films are paired up because this French partially animated horror short matched perfectly with the film Before I Wake. Both played on a fairy tale-esque sort of story. You can see the Before I Wake review HERE. Quenottes is done so well. It plays on the tooth fairy story which seems innocent enough. As a father and son clean out the grandmother’s house, the father finds a hidden spot in the wall where a tin holds the teeth he lost and gave to the tooth fairy. When he drops the tooth he had and it falls into the cracks, we know something is wrong. In the short film, its effective because it brings an incredibly uneasy dark tone. On top of that, the animation is done incredibly well for the mouse. Its eerie and before we even know its a mouse, all we have are the quick patters and the constant feeling as it spies on the father and son. Not to mention the short film is accompanied with really ambient music.

Quenottes is a 12 minute short film but one that is worth a watch if you get a chance.

Fantasia critique

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